10 Christmas Gifts For The Man in Your Life

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With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are struggling to find just the perfect gift for the men in our lives. The girls at Bella Couture put our brains together to come up with ten go to ideas!

A Tree Hut Watch

 wooden watch

         I think we all have that guy in our life that is late to everything. Help combat the lateness with this cool wooden watch from Tree Hut!




  Bluetooth Headphones


With the new iPhone 7 throwing a wrench in the game with no headphone jack, Bluetooth headphones are a perfect idea for the tech guy in your life. Who doesn’t love the convenience of these wireless Bluetooth headphones from Amazon?

Pocket Knife


A pocket knife is an essential for every guy in your life. Who knows when you’ll need him to open a box or cut a string off your shirt? We love this knife from Etsy!



A Wallet


Wallets live in a man’s back pocket, which means one thing: they wear out easily. A wallet is always a safe bet, especially this leather one from Leatherology!

A Subscription Box


By this time, there is a subscription box out there for just about anything you can come up with. We personally love this option, because you don’t have to pick out anything specific, you just let the box do all the work for you. The boxes from Bespokepost have great options for any kind of guy that is in your life!


An Eno Hammock


What guy doesn’t want to relax outside in an awesome hammock? Check out this one from Eno!

A Keysmart


If the man in your life is anything like the ones we know, then he has a ton of keys and they don’t fit in his pocket very well! With this keychain from Keysmart, your man can have between 2-100 keys on it and it fits in his pocket without poking him in the thigh or hearing the annoying key jingle. These are a great option for any man you know!

Google Home

google home

Google home is the best of both worlds. Your man gets a speaker and someone to boss around. Who doesn’t want that?

Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle

water bottle

For the adventurous guy in your life, get him this survival kit to make sure he’s always prepared for whatever happens!

French Press

french press

Does the man in your life love coffee? While a gift card to his favorite coffee shop is always a good idea, why not give him a Bodum French Press so he can make his own coffee that captures more of the natural coffee flavor and essential oils than a regular drip brew coffee maker! 

We hope these suggestions have given you some great ideas for your father, husband, fiance, boyfriend, father-in-law, or any other man you are buying a gift for! 


wedding flowers

The Right Wedding Gown for Your Body Type

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At Bella Couture, we believe in helping brides find their perfect wedding gown they have dreamed of since they were a little girl. To help our brides, we have compiled a list of what type of gown is best for a body type. Knowing what type of gown works best for your body type will help tremendously when shopping for a gown.


Apple-Shaped Bride
An apple-shaped bride has a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, and upper back. Apple-shaped bodied women also tend to have thinner arms, legs, and hips, and tend to gain weight at their waistlines.
apple shaped


Boyish Figured Bride:
A bride who has a boyish figure is one who is flat-chested, has broad shoulders, and has a muscular or lanky build. The best type of gown that looks best on a boyish figured bride is a ball-gown. A ball-gown will accentuate the bride’s waist and will look extremely flattering on her. One of our favorite ball-gowns is Alvina Valenta 9551. This ball-gown will look amazing on a boyish figured bride as it will flatter her in all the right places and show off her amazing body.
boyish figure

A Busty Bride
When a bride has been blessed with busty girls, she needs a good amount of support on the chest so she is not worried about revealing too much on her wedding day. Our suggestion for a busty bride is a gown that gives plenty of coverage such as the Allure 9000. This gown remains sexy while also helping cover up the bride’s chest.
busty bride

A Pear Shaped Bride
A woman who is pear shaped has hips that are wider than her shoulders. A pear-shaped woman tends to have a smaller bust-line, as well. We believe the Tara Keely 2500 would look amazing on a pear-shaped bride! Its simple A-Line silhouette is very flattering on every body type and will look beautiful on a pear-shaped bride to accentuate her waistline.

pear shaped

A Petite Bride
A petite bride is classified as one who is 5’4″ or shorter. For a petite bride, we recommend staying away from ballgowns as this will only shorten the torso. One of our favorite gowns for petite brides is the Pronovias “Aura”. It has vertical lines throughout the torso which will elongate a petite bride.


A Plus-Sized Bride
For a fuller figured bride we recommend a bridal gown that has an A-Line silhouette, such as this Justin Alexander gown. An A-Line gown has a waistline that starts right under the bust-line and immediately flows into an A-Line gown which makes it a perfect amount of coverage and can be very flattering on a plus-sized bride.

plus sized

A Tall Bride
A tall bride is one who has longer legs or a longer torso. For a tall bride, it is important to emphasize your natural height and shape. A tall bride needs to find a gown that reflects the long proportions of her body, such as this Lazaro gown.